The JOINTEX Integrated Model

A Series of Annual Joint Readiness Activities conducted over a Continuous 3-Year Cycle

  • A sustained horizon focus will enable a deliberate approach to institutional evolution. The core lines of effort that enable this to occur: Joint Education, Capability Development and Training.  
  • Education combines all efforts to communicate with and professionally educate the Force on priority matters of interest. Capability Development exploits concept development, experimentation and wargaming analytical tools, techniques and processes, inclusive of modelling & simulation capabilities, to test and inform the development of updated or new joint capabilities. Training and Exercises provide objective ways and means of practicing, interoperating improving and validating joint capabilities.

JOINTEX Annual Core Lines of Effort

JOINTEX core lines of effort, that may be conducted in whole or in part annually, include: The Joint Operations Symposium, Joint Capability Development and Joint Training underpinned by a deliberate and active Feedback Loop to inculcate institutional change. This sequence seeks to educate the National Defence and Security Team with a view to informing strategic direction and guidance; experimenting with various Organizational Designs, Processes, and Technologies throughout; validating recommendations in a training activity, and solidifying these adjustments through creative communication, updated doctrine, and professional education.

JOINTEX Community of Practice
Summary of Primary Authorities, Responsibilities & Accountabilities (ARAs)

The ARAs for JOINTEX integrated core lines of effort are shared across the CAF. 

JOINTEX – A Key Cdn Security Team Integrator

The evolution in jointness moves beyond the patterns, processes, and procedures of CAF current joint doctrine. JOINTEX is designed to enable this evolution and to de-risk institutional change through a broad range of relevant, achievable and measurable joint activities.

JOINTEX as a CAF Key Joint Enabler

  • The JX series supports Canada’s Defence Policy (SSE) by enabling continuous improvement of the CAF and the overall Canadian Security Team. The main outcome is increased joint readiness across the Defence and Security enterprise thus enhancing Canada’s ability to anticipate threats, adapt to a changing environment and act with decisive military power. 
  • JX directly supports CAF joint readiness through providing an enduring series of joint opportunities to learn, practice and interoperate together within the ubiquitous information environment and across all operating domains.
  • JX is aligned with the extant CAF Joint Readiness Authority joint capability priorities:
    • Joint Targeting Capability
    • Project & Sustain
    • Operations in Contested, Degraded and Limited Operating Environments 
  • JX has been selected as the platform of choice to manage the annual Joint Operations Symposium (JOS) and to support the multi-year How We Fight initiative.